Superintelligent: Personalizing Learning with RAG

How Superintelligent Personalized the Learner Experience

June 2024

Superintelligent is the learning platform for AI, offering tutorials on AI uses and tools that are hands-on, practical, and easy to follow.

When debuting their platform, Superintelligent imagined a fully personalized, AI-powered user experience, but where do you start with a project that big?

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Fractional AI partnered with Superintelligent to build an AI chatbot using RAG (retrieval augmented generation) as a first step towards that vision.

Key takeaways include:

We predict (and are already seeing) websites shift from semantic website search to AI powered chatbots personalizing the website experience. Semantic search replaced lexical search, and now AI chatbots are replacing semantic search.

AI chatbots are a great first step towards personalizing your website or platform. Superintelligent is a great example of iterative product development – the team imagines an end state with a fully personalized, AI-powered experience. Rather than waiting until they’re able to AI-ify everything, sprinting to get the AI chatbot ready for the platform launch was a great way to get started and create immediate value for users.